Friday, February 8, 2013




9:26        KEVIN KILLENS
9:34        SAM CARULLO
9:42        JESSE SAINZ
9:50        CHELSEY WALL
9:58        ALEX HAILEY
10:14     HAYLEE ADAMS
10:22     JOHN HARVILL
10:30     MONICA DO
10:38     JERRRY TANG

                CHOIR ROOM                                    BANDHALL                                          PAC  STAGE

3:24                                                                    JOSH BRIGATI
3:32                                                                    BRITTAN HUNTER                               DAVID OLSON
3:40                                                                    CHRIS YANEZ
3:48                                                                    ANNA DELUCA
3:56        KEVIN MUNIZ                                      KYLE HAMMACK
4:04        KEVIN BRILL                                        MATT BRADFIELD
4:12        ALEX PAREDES                                    COLE ZVERINA
4:20        ERIC LENNARTSON                             DARTANIAN HOLLAND
4:28        RYAN PEEPLES                                     JAMES DELUCA
4:36                                                                    CALEB SAUCEDO
4:44                                                                    TANNER STUEWE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Indoor drumline and family funding

As you may already know, ROCK DRUMS will not be competing in the TCGC indoor drumline circuit this season.  As a result, family funding will be $100 instead of the original $215.  We WILL still be rehearsing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 - 9!!!  Matt, Spencer and myself have compiled a long list of possibilities including a standstill indoor show, tenor ensemble, recitals, and several concert ensembles.  The students are also making suggestions and we're now in the process of narrowing down the list and making plans to get started!!!  More info soon!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


3:45     At bandhall, well rested ….you went home and straight to bed after halftime

3:50     Uniform check (SOLID BLACK socks, shoes, ROCK DRUMS shirt)

3:55     Depart–This will be a SILENT bus ride –eyes closed-we’ll talk about this

8:05     Arrive, check-in, etc.  Be sure you have EVERYTHING – the bus may leave!
            WE ARE IN PERFORMANCE MODE from here on out!

8:20     EAT
            STILL IN PERFORMANCE MODE!!!  Stay focused!!

8:45     Change into uniform

9:00     Unload and move to warmup

9:20     Warm-up and SHOW – full uniform

10:10   Break–you only have 10 MINUTES!!!
            Everyone drink O.J. !!!

10:20   SHOW RUN – full uniform

11:10   Move to performance – FOCUS!!

11:24   PERFORM

12:00   Back to trailer to load, put jackets on trailer or truck
            Short celebration of our PHENOMENAL performance
            And back to performance mode…

12:30   We will go back to the stands together, enter single file, sit in block, watch marching groups.  No talking.  Clap after every performance.  Go to concessions.
            You may go to bus to SLEEP!!

5:00     Prelims awards ceremony
            We’ll all meet right afterwards to discuss whats next
            You’ll eat concessions before our Finals performance

7:00-7:48         We’ll perform somewhere in here for FINALS


10:15   Depart – we will not be stopping on the way home

2:15     Arrive in Round Rock and unload

Sunday, September 16, 2012



9:15     At bandhall, well rested … you went home and straight to bed after the game

9:20     Uniform check (Have full uniform - don’t forget black socks!  Also have
            ROCK DRUMS shirt, wristbands)

9:30     Leave for Dripping Springs (sit in sections, eyes closed, mind relaxed)

10:40   Arrive – we’re in “performance mode” from here on out

10:50   Unload / setup

11:10   Lunch (Bring your own – water will be provided – no soda allowed)  No one goes to concession.

11:45   Warmups / Show / Tuning

12:45   Change to uniform / break. Have ROCK DRUMS shirt under uniform.  We’ll all stay together.

1:30     Warmups / Show runs / OJ tradition

2:30     Move to ready gate

2:40     Ready gate

2:45     PERFORM and critique (we’ll go over this)

3:30     AWARDS – David, James, Jerry, Tanner, Jessica, Lauren, Chris, Kevin, Monica
                                    Leadership – we’ll talk about this

After our performance, we will quickly move equipment to the trailer and change into ROCK DRUMS  shirts, then proceed as a group back to the stands for the awards presentation.  Enter the stands single file.  We will sit together in the stands (in block if space permits) and there will be no talking.  Remember, we are setting an example for every other drumline at this competition.  Since there is no talking, there is also no commenting on other drumlines.  Clap after every performance.  Lastly, have on the correct shirt or you will have to strain your ears very hard to hear the awards presentation from the bus.

4:40     Depart

6:00     Arrive in Round Rock and unload

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



10:30 a.m.           REHEARSAL

11:50                     Load trucks / eat lunch (bring something)

12:50                     Uniform check

1:00                        DEPART – silent bus ride

4:40                        Arrive – as always, you’re in performance mode from here on out.
                                Unload/check in/orientation/light meal (concessions or possible box lunch)

5:40                        Warmup

6:40                        Break – Get in full uniform – drink o.j. / have a banana

7:10                        Show run-throughs

8:10                        Move - (we may play in inside warmup)

8:30                        Ready line

8:41                        Perform

9:15                        Load


11:30                     Depart (snacks on bus)

3:00 a.m.              Arrive RRHS - unload

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dripping Springs schedule

4:55                        Be at RRHS

5:00                        Load trucks

5:35                        Uniform check (Uniform, black socks, dinkles, ROCK DRUMS shirt)

5:45                        Depart (eat on bus)

7:00                        Arrive – as always, you’re in performance mode from here on out.
                                Unload/orientation (have uniform, black socks, dinkles already on)

7:15                        Warmup

8:10                        Break – put on uniform top – get o.j.

8:25                        Show run-throughs

9:25                        Move – we will play in warmup gym

9:44                        Ready line

9:49                        PERFORM

                                Leadership go straight to retreat – everyone else set equipment outside, fold
                                mat, go to retreat

10:15                     Retreat

                                Load after retreat

11:15                     Depart

12:15                     Arrive RRHS - unload

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



3:00                        Be at RRHS

3:05                        Load trucks

4:05                        Uniform check (Uniform, black socks, dinkles, ROCK DRUMS shirt)

4:15                        Depart (snack on bus)

5:25                        Arrive – as always, you’re in performance mode from here on out.
                                Unload/orientation (have uniform, black socks, dinkles already on)

5:40                        Warmup

6:35                        Break – put on uniform top – get o.j.

6:50                        Show run-throughs

7:50                        Move – we may play a little in warmup gym

8:05                        Ready line

8:09                        PERFORM

                                Leadership go straight to retreat – everyone else  set equipment outside, fold
                                mat, go to retreat

8:45                        Retreat

                                Load after retreat

10:00                     Depart

11:00                     Arrive RRHS - unload